About Me

Insert hilarious joke here which you feel special for having found.
My very own face.

I’m Annika, and I’m a first year student studying Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.
This blog will be used to publish my work as I go through the year, as well as a place to record observations, insights, outside projects and anything else I find relevant.

I’m a mature student, and used my previous work as an online content creator as part of my application via the university’s ‘Recognition of Prior Experience’ admission programme. I have also worked in Customer relations, and in Online and retail banking positions. I am originally from Bradford, but lived in Wokingham in the Thames Valley for five years, followed by Coventry for two years.

I currently reside about 20 minutes outside of Leeds, in a quiet village called Drighlington. I share my home with my two children; Finnian, aged almost 6; Orla, aged 3; as well as several large spiders, and the occasional slug that comes in through the letter box and decorates my living room rug.

In my spare time I am studying Swedish, and have just started the Pre-intermediate level of the evening course offered by Leeds Beckett. I also eat, sleep, watch TV, listen to music and all those things most humans claim to do.


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